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Waterproof padded winter vest for dogs to stay dry and warm

Waterproof padded winter vest for dogs to stay dry and warm

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Indulge your pet in luxurious comfort with our padded vest! Crafted from non-sticky, soft, and breathable fabric, this vest ensures ultimate coziness, warmth, and comfort. Filled with high-quality silk wool for fluffy insulation, it maintains perfect warmth without deformation or fleece.

Designed for convenience, it's easy to wear and remove without causing any discomfort to your furry friend. The polyester outer layer adds a waterproof feature, protecting your pet during rainy days while providing excellent windproof capabilities.

For added convenience, the vest includes a back traction design, allowing for easy travel while ensuring your pet's safety. With its impeccable buckle process, it's not only beautiful but also secure. Make outings with your pet easier and safer with our practical yet stylish vest!

Material: Polyester

Size               Bust                back                 neck 
S      36cm/14.17"    27cm/10.63"    28cm/11.02"
M     42cm/16.54"    31cm/12.2"      32cm/12.6"
L       46cm/18.11"    35cm/13.78"    38cm/14.96"
XL     50cm/19.69"   39cm/15.35"     42cm/16.54"
2XL   54cm/21.26"   45cm/17.72"    44cm/17.32"
3XL   58cm/22.83     50cm/19.69"    48cm/18.9"
4XL  66cm/25.98"    52cm/20.47"   52cm/20.47"
5XL  76cm/29.92"    58cm/22.83"   54cm/21.26"


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