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Whimsical warmth with cartoon fox slippers for kids' indoor elegance cozy fuzzy

Whimsical warmth with cartoon fox slippers for kids' indoor elegance cozy fuzzy

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Immerse your little ones in whimsical warmth with our Cartoon Fox Slippers, a delightful addition to children's winter wardrobes. These charming home shoes are crafted with care to bring joy and comfort to boys and girls alike. The adorable fox design adds a playful touch to these indoor bedroom slippers, making them the perfect choice for winter. Lined with warm velvet, these baby boots provide a cozy haven for tiny feet. Elevate your child's winter experience with these stylish and comfortable slippers, creating a world where warmth meets imagination. Make every step an adventure with our unique collection, ensuring your little ones stride into winter with both comfort and delight.


Kids US Size 4: European Size 20-21,Inner Length About 14cm, so choose Size on shoes 14/15

Kids US Size 6: European Size 22-23,Inner Length About 15.5cm, so choose Size on shoes 16/17

Kids US Size 8: European Size 24-25 ,Inner Length About 17cm, Size on shoes 18/19

Kids US Size 10: European Size 27-28,Inner Length About 19cm, Size on shoes 20/200

Kids US Size 11: European Size 28-29 ,Inner Length About 20cm, Size on shoes 21/210

Kids US Size 12: European Size 30-31,Inner Length About 21cm, Size on shoes 22/220

Kids US Size 13: European Size 31-32 ,Inner Length About 22cm, Size on shoes 23/230

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